Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Tyrant FAQ

Q1.  Since Bungie is no longer managing Halo, are you still planning on producing guides and content for future Halo games?
A1.  Absolutely!  I've already completed a Legendary Walkthrough for Halo Anniversary and have many things planned for Halo 4.

Q2.  Are you going to do a Mythic Walkthrough for Halo 4?
A2.  That's the plan.  From what I understand, we'll have our old Mythic back (same skull pallet as Halo 3, ODST, and Reach), so it appears that a Mythic Difficulty is certainly plausible.  Assuming that's the case, you know the Mythic Community will be all over it.

Q3.  With the Halo 2 Legendary Walkthrough complete, are you planning on doing a Mythic guide for it as well?
A3.  There are no plans to do a Mythic guide for Halo 2 at the moment.  Generally, my videos are meant for instructional purposes, and with very few people likely going through with this for a game that came out in 2004, the demand for guidance is low.  Mythic is also a very different concept with Halo 2 in regards to having to creating multiple profiles for each individual skull and some skulls having effects such as invisible enemies.  The joy value just isn't there.

Q4.  Do you accept friend requests on Xbox Live?
A4.  Generally speaking, no.  This isn't because I don't want to play with you online, but rather I have very tight time constraints.  If you count the channel as a job, I have three jobs total (part time, full time, and YouTube).  The little time I spend on Xbox is generally dedicated to producing content for the channel.  Heck, most of my current friends rarely ever see or talk to me on Xbox Live let alone play.  Contacting me is best done through Twitter or Tyrant Productions.  To that end, this is why I set up community playdates with Team Pwnage, to give folks an opportunity to play Halo with me online :)

Q5.  If I'm having trouble with a Halo mission, will you help me?
A4.  Going back to question #4, my time is very limited, so hopefully the guides I currently I have in place (both on YouTube and HBO) can serve as a path of victory for you.  If not, it's a good place to start :)

Q6.  Will you do any guides for the original Halo: Combat Evolved?
A6.  I've already done guides for Halo Anniversary, which has the exact same campaign, and while I realize I used a few of the in-game skulls to my advantage, writing a guide specifically for the legacy version of the game seems a little redundant and pointless.  While the original will always be the best, it also came out in 2001.  If you haven't already bought the game, you'd likely buy the updated version for the current console with the better graphics and additional features (Anniversary).  If you've already had the original for years, then you've likely either beaten already using simply trial & error (the old fashion way), or using one of the many, many guides that already exists.  From this perspective, doing yet another guide for the same campaign seems to be more trouble than it's ultimately worth.  I'll let sleeping dogs lie and let the guides that have already been out their for several years take the reigns on this one.

Q7.  Why do you post videos that have nothing to do with Halo?
A7.  Generally speaking, MOST of the content I produce is related to Halo in some fashion, but occasionally I venture off the beaten path and post walkthroughs/lets-plays for other videos, or even general vlogs.  While Halo will remain the primary source of my channel's content, I do intend on expanding my horizons beyond the realm of the seven rings.  Feel free to watch if you'd like, but you certainly don't have to.  Since it's an option, I please urge you to NOT down-rate or troll a video simply because it's not Halo related.  If it doesn't spark your interest, simply move on to something else :)

Q8.  Why do you skip battles, use glitches, or use beneficial skulls in your videos?
A8.  Some folks believe that the tactics mentioned in the question "ruin" the game.  Keep in mind, however, that the MAIN goal & focus of my walkthroughs is to serve as a strategy guide designed to get you (the player) through the mission/game with as little frustration, deaths, and redoes as possible.  Therefore, expect me to use those items to my advantage to make life easier on those who are seeking help.  While I realize that a great number of people out their watch only for the entertainment value, and it is very much appreciated (I take it as a compliment, in fact), this is more or less a secondary feature and not the main purpose of the videos.  To that end, feel free to use my strategies at your leisure, or combined them with your own or others that you happen to come across.  It's your copy of the game in your console, so how you play it is entirely up to you.

If there's anything here I haven't covered, please feel free to contact me on my home site at, or my Twitter account at  And as always, I'm the Tyrant signing out!